Episode 19 – Chris Dunham

CHRIS DUNHAM I had my buddy Chris Dunham over to talk about ..well just about everything! Chris is a hilarious comedian based in the Hollywood area who also happens to be a middle school teacher. He talked about being a teacher for a bit and then we rambled on for over 2 hours talking about; […]

Episode 17 – Dave Bressoud

DAVE BRESSOUD For this episode I drove up to Fresno to do a few comedy shows and ran into local Fresno comedian Dave Bressoud. Dave had us over to his house for lunch and we ended up recording this episode there. He has had some serious life experience and is just filled with great stories. He played college […]

Episode 14 – Ope

OPE For this episode I had one of my favorite local comics stop by my pad, Opeyemi Olagbaju aka Ope. For what turned out to be the longest podcasts I’ve recorded yet but easily one of my favorites as well. We talked about everything; His origin story, being born in Nigeria, immigration to the US, […]

Episode 13 – Omid Singh

OMID SINGH For this episode I drove out to LA to meet up with the OC Roast Battle Champ – Omid Singh. He lives in an 11 person co-op, in Silverlake, which is about as hippie as it gets for LA these days. I wanted to talk to Omid about his upbringing, he’s Indian and […]

Episode 12 – Derrick Lemos

DERRICK LEMOS For this episode I wanted to talk with Derrick about growing up a tad confused about culture and race. He’s was mexican kid that didn’t speak spanish but was still a few shades too brown to really be embraced by the white kids. This was a fun episode but the surroundings got but […]

Episode 11 – John Tole

John Tole For this episode I drove out to Venice Beach to meet up with my buddy and veteran comedian John Tole. I wanted to talk with John about how he is SUPER catholic, but that didn’t quite goes as planned. I had a bunch of questions about catholic tradition and ritual, but it turns […]

Episode 10 – Brett As-Is

BRETT AS-IS For this episode I sat down with my buddy Brett As-Is in the upstairs lounge at Hennessey’s Tavern in Laguna Beach, right before our very last comedy show there. Brett’s a really good comedy buddy of mine and He’s one of the few comics I’ve met that I can say is a completely […]