Episode 18 – Jason Gallagher


The Honest Ignorance Podcast is back!

I took a 5 month hiatus and am now back.. with a Stolen Episode! I took this Ep. from a podcast I used to be on affectionately named “Them Nutz“ or as some people more accurately called it. “4 comics yell over each other.. The Podcast” It was co-hosted by Myself – Ray Chung – Darius Campbell and few other comics before I joined up.

This was a fun listen that for some reason never got released …which is a shame. I’m happy to finally be sharing this with everyone for  2 reasons ..Jason Gallagher  gives some us some great insight on what it’s like  to spend time in jail along with some hilarious stories  about his time on “the inside” ..and most importantly I got to edit Darius out of about 30% of this episode.
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