Episode 38 – Joshua Waldrop

JOSHUA WALDROP I sat down with local OC comic and buddy Joshua Waldrop in this episode. We talk a LOT about comedy and running shows in OC – he also talks about his first love of watching grown men ” Wrasslin’ ” – it really turns into your basic verbal mouth job conversation, which in […]

Episode 35 – Ms. Anonymous

LARA AKA MS. ANONYMOUS This is was my first time recording someone who wanted to remain “Anonymous” due to potential career risks, and I was a happy to oblige. We talked about her broken past, multiple run ins with hardcore drug use and her eventually turning it all around. This episode makes for another great […]

Episode 33 – Anthony Davis

ANTHONY DAVIS In this episode I sit down with my favorite southern meatball, Anthony Davis. We talk about his upbringing in the south, going to gentlemen school, moving around a bit, finding love online, and a LOT about comedy. It’s another great listen and I know you’ll enjoy it. As always Please Like, Rate and […]