Episode 10 – Brett As-Is

For this episode I sat down with my buddy Brett As-Is in the upstairs lounge at Hennessey’s Tavern in Laguna Beach, right before our very last comedy show there. Brett’s a really good comedy buddy of mine and He’s one of the few comics I’ve met that I can say is a completely genuine person.

Brett grew up in the “hood” (basically a shittier area of an already shitty part of Riverside) and he has an interesting outlook on things because of that. We touch briefly on race and a few other subjects in this episode. We were kinda rushed to do this before the show and I really wish we had more time to dive into some of his crazier stories about his hood life upbringing. But we did manage to cover and talk about a lot of those shenanigans regardless of the time crunch sand this makes for another good episode!

You can find Brett all over social media. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @BrettAsIs