Episode 13 – Omid Singh

For this episode I drove out to LA to meet up with the OC Roast Battle Champ – Omid Singh. He lives in an 11 person co-op, in Silverlake, which is about as hippie as it gets for LA these days. I wanted to talk to Omid about his upbringing, he’s Indian and Iranian, lived in Dubai as a kid, finally immigrated over here to the United States and has lived all over the place.

He did not disappoint and shared some great stories! We talked about culture, chatted about comedy, and made for a really hot episode! Literally, HOT like a fucking sauna! I must have poured out a gallon of sweat on his poor couch. On the bright side it added to the ambiance when we started talking about the heat in the middle east.

 You can also find Him on social media – Twitter @brownman3000