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Honest Ignorance – Listener Favorites:

Robin (formerly Robert) is a transgender comedian and really one of the reasons I created the podcast – because I am completely ignorant to that of lifestyle. So i was really happy when Robin took the time to answer a lot of my ridiculous questions and give me her personal insight and experience on becoming a transgender person.


Craig shared some hilarious stories about a bunch of his drug induced shenanigans and about the few times he got arrested for them. Be sure to comment below and let me know how you liked it.


 I wanted to talk with John about how he is SUPER catholic, but that didn’t quite goes as planned. I had a bunch of questions about catholic tradition and ritual, but it turns out John is more of a “hippie spiritual” catholic than practicing dogmatic drone. He’s into the 7 chakras, deep meditation and still finds a way to combine that all into his catholic faith.


I drove out to Long Beach to meet up with my comedy buddy Keith Carey to talk with him about being Bi-Sexual. And he didn’t disappoint! This turned out to be a great episode as Keith opens up and tells some hilarious stories from some of his past and often seedy rendezvous.


Tony stopped by my house to tell me about the 4 years he spent picking up dead bodies for a living. This episode gets graphic, it gets gross, but it also gets really funny. Be sure to comment below and let me how you liked it!

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