Episode 08 – Cate Gary

For this episode I ended up in the semi safe city of tustin to meet up with my comedy friends Robin Tran and Cate Gary.. aka the OC Comedy “Power Couple”..

Cate Gary is one of my favorite comics in the OC, a great joke writer, and a very poignant comic that challenges the status quo… so it should come as no surprise that she is a Feminist (annnnd Boom goes the Dynamite! Just dropped the F-bomb!) and that’s what i wanted to talk to her about. Chatting with Cate is always good for some eye opening conversation without trying to label her as the advocate, activist, social justice warrior that she is 🙂

Cate is rather out spoken about feminism and to be fair she is outspoken with just about everything really.Go check out her facebook page (cate gary) and you can lose countless hours trying to keep up with comments and rants on a lot of her posts – also hit her up twitter @Cate_Gary and let her know how you liked her episode!