Episode 07 – Robin Tran

ROBIN TRAN Robin (formerly Robert) is a transgender comedian and really one of the reasons I created the podcast – because I am completely ignorant to that of lifestyle .. so I was super happy when she agreed to do this episode.  I have meet numerous transgender people since living out here in california but I […]

Episode 06 – Derrick Murray

DERRICK MURRAY For Episode 06 – I traveled all the way out to the slums of Ontario California to meet up with my comedy nemesis Derrick Murray. 🙂 Derrick is actually a good buddy of mine.. He’s a good buddy of mine.. He’s a good buddy of mine (I have to repeat that to convince […]

Episode 05 – Kyle and Gary

KYLE and GARY This week due to all the recent bullshit going on in Indiana and the new law they passed along with that fucking wackadoo lawyer in Huntington Beach. I wanted to touch on the subject of gay marriage, So I went over to my “non comedian” buddies Kyle and Gary’s condo to do […]

Episode 01 – Tony Alfano

TONY ALFANO It’s the FIRST EPISODE! I’m still trying to get the hang of the recording equipment and editing software. So I invited my buddy Tony Alfano over for what I thought would be a throw away episode, but it turned out to be really good. Tony stopped by my house to tell me about […]